Buying The Right CBD Oil Dose For South Africans

Whether you’re a new or a veteran CBD oil (Cannabidiol) user, it’s always important to know how this cannabis-based product works and how its best used. While there are numerous articles about its benefits, there are very few about CBD’s proper dosing. To make it worse, the FDA hasn’t created a standard RDI (Daily Intake) for Cannabidiol, which means unlike other supplements, CBD doesn’t have a recommended serving size.

Due to this, users are blindly estimating their dosages according to recommendations provided by CBD oil companies. Or even worse, they depend on suggestions from uncertified “experts” who claim to have years of experience in using CBD. Most often, people are advised to take one dropper daily. Whilst this can certainly be a dosage, there is no precise way to determine if it’s the right dosage for the person as it doesn’t consider important factors such as CBD concentration, the condition being treated, and the individual’s weight as well as body chemistry. Actually, there’s nothing like ‘one size suits all’ dosage, and there’ll be some trial & error whilst gauging your right dosage.

Purchasing CBD oil is easy near Pretoria. People in other parts of South Africa – like Durban or Cape Town, need to look around, though.

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Neuroscientists have explained that as the human body’s physiology changes, and so do the endocannabinoid system’s receptors—which are responsible for interacting with CBD. Consequently, CBD dosages of an individual differ throughout the lifetime.

What this means is that there is no a universal or even static dosage of CBD for South Africans. So, what’s the right CBD dosage then? The following tips will help you choose your Cannabidiol dosage.

  1. Body weight influences dosage

Just like most substances, people with greater body masses will need more CBD to benefit from its effects. The best way to determine your appropriate CBD dosage is to consume 1 to 6mg of Cannabidiol for every ten pounds of body weight. This should also be based on the level of pain you’re experiencing.

For instance, a patient weighing 200ib should take 20 to 33miligrans while 15 to 25mlligrams is ideal for one weighing 150lbs.


  1. The power of starting and increasing gradually

Not only are human bodies created differently, but everyone has his/her own unique medical history. Because of this, everyone’s body chemistry is different, and this will significantly affect how their body reacts to Cannabidiol (CBD). That’s why it’s important to carefully determine your initial dosage according to your weight, study how your body reacts to that amount of CBD, and then continue increasing gradually whilst continuing to examine your body’s reactions until you find the best dosage that works perfectly for your situation in South Africa.

  1. Consult your doctor

If you have an existing health condition, ensure that you always consult with your doctor before taking CBD. While there are few doctors who’ve experience with Cannabidiol, most physicians should know your body’s reaction to CBD and can recommend a professional CBD dosage for your specific medical condition.

CBD Tincture: Here is how to measure your dosage

One of the easiest ways to consume CBD oil is to utilize a CBD tincture. All you need is to fill the dropper, place the oil below your tongue, and then hold it for about 30 to 60 seconds before swallowing. Typically each dropper holds 1 millimeters of liquid. If you’re aware of the number of millimeters present in a CBD oil tincture, you can easily utilize this simple formula to establish how much Cannabidiol is in its dropper:

MGs of CBD present in a dropper = [Total Cannabidiol in Bottle] ÷ [number of milliliters present in the bottle]

For instance, let us say you’ve got a 30 millimeter CBD tincture that contains 1500 milligrams of CBD:

1500 ÷ 30 = 50 milligrams of CBD oil per dropper

So, if your proper CBD dosage is 25 milligrams and one drop of that 1500 milligrams tincture contains 50 milligrams of CBD, you would simply need a half-filled dropper. Of course, this technique isn’t 100 percent accurate, but it’s more accurate than taking CBD without measuring at all. Note that you should always start with a smaller dosage and gradually increase until you find the perfect dosage. Buying this type of CBD is a good choice.

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Measuring your ideal CBD vape dosage

There are two effective methods of vaping CBD oil: using a CBD cartridge system and utilizing a CBD e-liquid. Both methods are super easy to use and provide an enjoyable experience.
cannabis cbd leaf
If you’re using a CBD e-liquid, you’ll need to start by estimating the amount of CBD the dropper. This will help you determine the amount of Cannabidiol you’re putting into a single tank. While you vape throughout the day, ensure that you check when you’ll need to refill your tank. For instance, if your appropriate CBD dosage is 25 milligrams, and you’re using a 1000 milligrams bottle of Cannabidiol e-liquid, one tank would contain about 33.33 milligrams of CBD. To effectively administer your dosage, you’d vape a single tank intermittently throughout the day. Again, this isn’t hundred percent accurate but with frequent monitoring, you’ll be able to easily gauge your CBD intake.

The accurate way of dosing CBD

Since the techniques that’ve been mentioned earlier have been semi-accurate, you are probably been wondering if there’s a 100 percent way to determine the proper CBD dosage. Of course, there is a solution to this: CBD capsules.

Since CBD capsules contain an exact amount of Cannabidiol, they provide an accurate way of dosing CBD. If your proper CBD dosage is between 16 and 25 milligrams, then you’ll need to purchase a bottle of 20 or 25-milligram capsules and you are good to go. Other methods of consuming CBD include CBD beverages, CBD applicators, CBD gummies, and CBD edibles; though they might not be as accurate as capsules.

The bottom-line

CBD dosage varies from person to person. However, the dosage is dependent on the severity of your condition, your body mass, and the doctor’s recommendations. For instance, huge people should take higher doses to feel the full effects of CBD oil as compared to their thinner counterparts. Plus, if your condition is more severe, your doctor may recommend a higher dosage for you.

Why The UK Is Buying CBD Oil: Health Benefits

Cannabidiol, which is commonly referred to as CBD oil is a chemical compound that is derived from hemp plants and cannabis plants. CBD oils have in the recent times gained popularity due to its immense benefits. CBD is applicable therapeutically and in medicals uses. CBD oil is the important compound of cannabis sativa. Studies carried out over time shows anecdotal evidence from users in helping them treat different symptoms and illnesses by using Cannabidiol. This article aims at focusing on health benefits specifically the internal health benefits.

People in the UK are buying CBD by purchasing from online stores.

People in the UK have long known that CBD is a much-needed compound.

CBD Oil In London


There is also a huge CBD scene in London.

These people from London are stocking the stores and streets with CBD oil that people can buy.

We know the undeniable health benefits related to Cannabidiol, but it is important to understand how it works in the human body without being psychoactive. The human body has a complex anatomy and all the systems work in synergy to make sure they work as they are supposed to.

If you live in London, be sure to check out the CBD oil near you.

The endocannabinoid system has numerous receptors, these receptors are responsible for making sure the CBD oil chemical compounds are well absorbed in your blood stream. The endocannabinoid system has CB1 (cannabinoid 1) and CB2 (cannabinoid 2) as the receptors.

CB1 are receptors majorly present in the human brain. They help manage memories, appetite, thinking, mood, emotions, pain, and movement. CB2 is known to help treat inflammatory disorders since these receptors are found in the immune system.

Internal Health Benefits Include:

  • Neuroprotective

There are plenty of neurogenerative diseases such as Stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease. These disorders are associated with chronic inflammation which gets worse as the disease progresses. CBD oil anti-inflammatory properties will help prevent the symptoms from getting worse.

  • Eliminating Depression

CBD is an efficient mood booster. Therefore, episodic depression is less likely to occur. CBD will help calm both mind and body and with time your mood improves relieving you from depression.

  • Prevents Drug Relapses

CBD oil is not psychoactive. This makes it ideal for treating addictions such as cocaine and alcoholism. Most psychiatric fields are relying on CBD to help prevent drug relapse.

  • Treating Sleep Disorders

CBD obtained from hemp plant is a strong sedative. It comes in handy for people ailing from relentless leg disease, PTSD, interrupted sleep, sleeplessness, and insomnia. Use CBD oil by putting some drop on your sleeping pillow, applying on your chest or inhaling it. This will guarantee you a good sleep.

  • Balancing Metabolism

CBD oil is known to stimulate proteins and genes which in turn enhances the breaking down and oxidation of body fats. CBD also increases mitochondria activity this, in turn, increases the rate at which the body burns calories. CBD oil is also responsible for decreasing rate of protein expression which is used in lipogenesis. This goes to show CBD oil is effective in weight management.

  • Protecting Immune System

CBD oil helps reduce the occurrence of allergies and other autoimmune diseases. CBD oil regulates overactivity of the immune system. Severe medical complications are a result of the unstable immune system.

  • Treats Nausea

CBD oil is a good cure for vomiting and nausea. CBD has psychotropic components that enable auto receptors which are anti-nausea.

  • Reducing Pain

CBD oil will make your pain management. Patients with spinal injuries, muscle pain, chronic pain, and arthritis are more prone to severe pain that requires one to use CBD oil to ease the pain through its anti-inflammatory properties. All researches conducted have shown that CBD is a natural pain remedy.

  • Cancer Prevention

CBD oil when correctly administered will reduce the continued growth of tumor which is cancerous. CBD oil can be injected directly into the tumor to eliminate it. Antioxidant in CBD has anti-mutagenic properties that greatly lower risks of terminal cancer.

  • Reduces Anxiety

CBD oil increases neurotransmitters and positive hormones in your body. CBD reduces depressive episodes, stress, and anxiety. CBD is non-psychoactive thus will not make you paranoid. CBD deals with anxiety by reducing insomnia, decreasing heart rate and reducing PTSD disorder symptoms.

  • General Heart Health

CBD is of great benefit to the cardiovascular system. CBD improves vasorelaxation of arteries preventing them from permanent damage. Damage may occur when there is inflammation of arteries in the populated glucose environment.

  • Anti-Seizure

CBD is known to treat epilepsy. Epilepsy is largely associated with seizures which have more harm due to the sudden falls and improper brain function. Patients with epilepsy have found a solution through CBD oil which reduces the seizures to at least once per month.

  • Controlling Diabetes


CBD helps control diabetes by lowering insulin levels. Cannabis has been found to reduce waist circumference which is among the first diabetes symptoms. CBD oil has eliminated further progression of symptoms that make the disease unbearable.

Take away

Making CBD oil legal is the best thing that could happen in the medical field. CBD has helped make most internal illnesses bearable if not treating them all. CBD oil will work best when administered in the right way and taking account of dosage being administered to avoid triggering any side effects.



How CBD Oil Helps Children

Many countries across the world have legalized cannabis for medical use. In the United States, 40 states have legalized farming and use of cannabis for a recreational and medical purpose. However, some countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United Emirates still hold on to strict laws against the use of cannabis. This makes it hard for people in such countries to use CBD oil and feel the magic of the new medical invention.

cbd oil and kids

Benefits of Taking CBD Oil For Children

Some of the documented benefits of using marijuana are are shown here. This is why so many people have been using cbd oil for children.

  1. It Helps in reducing depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety are mental disorders which can lead to devastating impacts when not controlled on time. Report by world health organization rank Depression as the leading cause of disability and anxiety being at number six.

Taking CBD oil has positive results in dealing with depression and Anxiety in adults. Children with insomnia and anxiety have also shown improvement after taking CBD oil.

  1. Helps in reducing acne

Acne is a skin condition which affects 9% of the total population.

Some of the causes associated with this condition include:

  • Underlying inflammation,
  • over-production of sebum
  • and genetics.

Applying CBD oil on the skin of an infected person has been proven to remedy the condition.

  1. CBD Oil has Neuroprotective properties

The fact that CBD acts on endocannabinoid have led scientists to believe that the compound can be used to control Neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. A number of studies have proved CBD to be effective in reducing the effect of these Neurological disorders

A study by Sativex showed that taking CBD oil helped to reduce spasms by 75% in more than 276 people

In another study, 214 people with epilepsy were given 0.8-0.2 grams of CBD oil per 2-5 g/kg. In the end, the seizures size reduced by 36.5%

Other potential benefits for kids and toddlers:

  • Other benefits associated with taking CBD oil include
  • It Helps in treating heart-related complications
  • Provides Substance abuse treatment
  • Anti-tumor properties
  • Antipsychotic effects
  • Can be used in Treatment of diabetes

This is why children love CBD so much.

Hemptation Infused Goods CBD Oil Review



Modern science has long since evolved. Things that used to be a taboo are widely accepted by society now and it is no other than marijuana. A few decades back, only hippies and junkies openly use it and they are treated harshly by the public. Weed, as it is commonly called, was eventually considered an illegal and regulated substance that will put you behind bars if found that you have violated the law by using or selling it.


But times have changed and people do things differently now. For starters, marijuana is no longer called marijuana but preferably as cannabis in reference to the actual plant where it is taken from. And we have long since made the distinction between recreational and medical marijuana. You don’t just raise your eyebrows anymore when you hear people saying that they use cannabis as both are widely acceptable and legal in many US states. No need to hide in the dark anymore because cannabis has proven its worth and more states are expected to pass legislation in favor of cannabis in the years to come.


And as such, the demand for cannabis has also soared. It helped a lot that people who already tried cannabis shared their positive experienced with it making others curious about it too. The fact that many of them are actually suffering from long-term and debilitating conditions that cripple some, if not all, aspect of their lives and suddenly given a new lease on life by cannabis. They are no longer bound to their sickness. It’s why more people give cannabis a try, to experience for themselves the power of this unassuming weed that has long been the subject of the public’s ire.


Hemptation Infused Goods

With the countless companies selling cannabis today both on and off the web, it is hard to choose which one is really the safest and best. A lot of factors must be considered. The background of the company. Their cannabis source. The method they use in farming and manufacturing their end CBD product. The price. And so much more.



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