EFD Inc’s World Class Equipment

Controlled fluid dispensing means low assembly costs and a lean work environment. Apply cyanoacrylates, sealants, epoxy, lubricants and light-sensitive adhesives consistently, and with confidence.

Equipment ranges from air-powered, microprocessor-based benchtop dispensers and positive displacement systems to low-maintenance dispense valve systems for production lines and for XYZ dispensing systems. All EFD disposable components including reservoirs and dispense tips are manufactured in EFD silicone-free facilities.

EFD guarantees you will experience reduced fluid use, increased production yields and a substantial cost reduction in your bonding, gasketing and sealing operations.

We invite you to talk with our Fluid Application Specialists to help determine how we can best assist you. In the US call 800-556-3484 or contact our local worldwide support network.

For EFD solder pastes and the MicroCoat lubrication systems, please visit their respective site: www.efdsolder.com and www.efd-microcoat.com.

Air-powered Dispensers. EFD announces the all-new, innovative Ultra 2400 Series Dispensing Workstations. The Ultra 2400 dispensers have been redesigned to provide smaller, more precise fluid deposits than any other dispensing system on the market today. The unique vertical design takes up to 60% less space on your benchtop.

Request a free 30-day evaluation and see for yourself how to experience higher productivity, fewer rejects, less fluid waste and lower production costs.

Ultra 1400 Fluid Dispensing Kit
Apply accurate, consistent deposits of cyanoacrylates or thick sealants with the versatile, easy-to-use Ultra 1400 Dispensing Kit. The kit arrives ready to use with EFD quality dispensing components matched to your specific application.

Its fast, consistent application increases productivity, reduces rework and rejects, and typically lowers fluid use by 50% or more.

XYZ Dispensing Systems

The new Ultra™ TT Automation Series combines precision dispensing and accurate positioning functions into one fully-integrated, compact tabletop unit. Its unique features make these systems true three or four dimensional motion control systems, offering reliable operation with excellent repeatability for dispensing adhesives, sealants, solder pastes and other assembly fluids.

Closed-loop servo controls provide fast accurate positioning
Fully integrated positioning and dispensing functions
Easy programming with the Palm™ handheld
Height sensor for critical deposit control
All mounting hardware compatible with all EFD® dispensing devices for quick setup and immediate use
Automate your process to increase yield, eliminate rejects and fluid wastes – without a big investment.