How CBD Oil Helps Children

Many countries across the world have legalized cannabis for medical use. In the United States, 40 states have legalized farming and use of cannabis for a recreational and medical purpose. However, some countries such as Saudi Arabia and the United Emirates still hold on to strict laws against the use of cannabis. This makes it hard for people in such countries to use CBD oil and feel the magic of the new medical invention.

cbd oil and kids

Benefits of Taking CBD Oil For Children

Some of the documented benefits of using marijuana are are shown here. This is why so many people have been using cbd oil for children.

  1. It Helps in reducing depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety are mental disorders which can lead to devastating impacts when not controlled on time. Report by world health organization rank Depression as the leading cause of disability and anxiety being at number six.

Taking CBD oil has positive results in dealing with depression and Anxiety in adults. Children with insomnia and anxiety have also shown improvement after taking CBD oil.

  1. Helps in reducing acne

Acne is a skin condition which affects 9% of the total population.

Some of the causes associated with this condition include:

  • Underlying inflammation,
  • over-production of sebum
  • and genetics.

Applying CBD oil on the skin of an infected person has been proven to remedy the condition.

  1. CBD Oil has Neuroprotective properties

The fact that CBD acts on endocannabinoid have led scientists to believe that the compound can be used to control Neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis and epilepsy. A number of studies have proved CBD to be effective in reducing the effect of these Neurological disorders

A study by Sativex showed that taking CBD oil helped to reduce spasms by 75% in more than 276 people

In another study, 214 people with epilepsy were given 0.8-0.2 grams of CBD oil per 2-5 g/kg. In the end, the seizures size reduced by 36.5%

Other potential benefits for kids and toddlers:

  • Other benefits associated with taking CBD oil include
  • It Helps in treating heart-related complications
  • Provides Substance abuse treatment
  • Anti-tumor properties
  • Antipsychotic effects
  • Can be used in Treatment of diabetes

This is why children love CBD so much.